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Family-run Mobility Plus extends its open house

Carol Z. Shane

Shopper News

Like many business owners, Hannah Beal came to own and run her Mobility Plus franchise on Rutledge Pike because she had firsthand knowledge of her customers’ needs.

Beal has Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, which affects connective tissue, and couldn’t continue in her previous physically demanding job.

“Technically, I could get disability,” she said, “but I wanted to continue to work. And this was an avenue to help friends and family. It’s close to my heart because I’ve experienced the limitation.”

Not only that, she has a sharp eye and mind for the many varieties of limitation in today’s world.

“With the coronavirus going around, a lot of older folks are choosing to stay shut in. My grandparents had moved down here from Gray, Tennessee, into assisted living — we had a couple of


Young Heidi Beal shows a natural inclination for her parents’ Mobility Plus business, and is learning the ropes. She’s shown with her mom and dad, Hannah and David Beal, on Feb. 8. SUBMITTED BY HANNAH BEAL

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months with them and then the virus shut them down.

“I see the toll it’s taken. They’re stuck there. So the assisted living room that they’re in is involved in every aspect of their lives.” Chairs and scooters that aren’t fitted properly, or aren’t suited to their particular needs, cause joint problems.

Because of the restrictions in place, Beal hasn’t yet been able to get to them in order to help them out. But she will.

“I’m looking forward to fitting the grandparents with the appropriate chairs!”

Mobility Plus recently installed a stairlift for an older couple; the husband had been stuck in the basement for months. “It was a life-changer,” said Beal.

Beal pointed out that “our prods are not just for older people; disabilities affect young ones as well. And people who have had surgery may need some help. We have the knee rollators, and an array of prods that we can rent.”

Lift chairs, she said, are especially good for knee surgery recovery. “You might want one for two months while you’re recouping.”

Beal has found that some people are reluctant to consider a lift chair, but one try is all it takes to see the benefits. “These lift chairs are grade two medical devices — you get sized to make sure you’re in the proper chair, and that it does everything you need.”

Right now, Mobility Plus is having an extended open house through the rest of February. Beal and her husband, David, will be on hand to welcome guests in a safe, socially distanced way.

And you might run into their daughter, Heidi, who is learning the business. The young teen shows a real talent for making the right mobility matches. “I think she’s going to love it,” said her proud mom.

In addition to a large array of products, the Beals offer in-home diagnostic services for those who are unable to come to their showroom. They also offer a wide range of maintenance services.

Mobility Plus is at 6359 Rutledge Pike.

You can visit them online at mobilityplus. com/fid60/Knoxville-TN-37924 or call the store at 253-7757.

Hannah, David and Heidi Beal are ready to serve your mobility needs at Mobility Plus on Rutledge Pike. Drop in for the open house during February. SUBMITTED BY HANNAH BEAL

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